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Adidas sneakers need no introduction.

Though adidas (they like it with the lowercase “a”) began quite modestly—the brainchild of a young German cobbler who crafted shoes in his mother’s house—adidas has gone on to become perhaps the most recognizable shoe brand in the world. It even spawned a rival shoemaker in the form of Puma when one of adidas's co-founders decided to start his own brand.

Adidas sneakers are world renowned in their own right. But what we really want to talk about here is the many collaborations between Adidas and the great artists and fashionistas of the world. Two of the most notable such collaborations have been with Undefeated and A Bathing Ape.

The collaboration with BAPE, in particular, stands out among the rest. It all began as a handful of special designs made to test whether the two brands’ aesthetics could live peacefully in one design. Like matter and antimatter colliding, the fusion of Adidas and BAPE unleashed immense energy that shook the sneaker world. A full 16 years later, it’s influence is still being felt to this day. Look for the nylon underlays, premium suede dresses, and signature BAPE camo and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about here.