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Without a doubt, Nike is one of the most influential and outright revered sportswear brands on the market. Why? Largely due to their enduring legacy of groundbreaking shoe designs and a luminous spirit of innovation that continues to shine bright even to this day.

When Nike first launched in Oregon in 1964, people didn’t quite know what to expect. But several decades of new and innovative footwear have since silenced all the skeptics. There’s the classic Air Force 1. There’s the Nike VaporMax (you know, those Nike shoes with bubbles on the bottom). And, of course, don’t forget about the Cortez silhouettes.

Put it this way: ask 10 fans “what are the best Nike shoes” and you’ll get 11 different answers (one guy couldn’t decide).

What about the best Nike running shoes? Don’t even get us started! Nike has produced an incredible selection of road and trail running shoes for beginners and experienced runners alike.

Finally, we’d be remiss not to mention the multitudes of alchemic collaborations between Nike and a myriad of other fashion brands over the years. From luxury to streetwear and everything in between, Nike truly has done it all. They’ve sponsored legendary athletes, and their trademark Swoosh logo needs no introduction.

Like the goddess of victory for whom the brand is named, Nike cannot be stopped.